grids (2014)

grid1 (2014)

for clarinet, percussion, and computer.

The Washington Square Ensemble: Alex Lipowski, percussion / Alan R. Kay, clarinet / J. Oliver, computer
presented on april 2014 at the Tenri Institute, NYC. Washington Square Contemporary Music Society 2014

Video edited by Federico Cámara Halac @ the NYU Waverly Labs

Program notes:

grid1 refers to the problem of fitting sound material into the grids of bars and holes, pitches and durations; of measuring time in discrete integer divisions. A computer program written in Pure Data was used to generate the musical material of this work and then it was translated into a musical score using an early version of the software notes and lilypondgrid1 explores the outcomes of a system in equilibrium, of events floating without directionality. The real time interactive computer system uses William Brent’s timbre-id software to classify percussive attacks and uses them to generate sounds that shift between rhythmic patterns and timbre.


version 1, for clarinet and percussion

Score (pdf, ly), Performance notes (pdf), Patch (pd)

version 1.01, for saxophone and percussion

Score (pdf), Performance notes (pdf), Patch (pd)



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