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New Work flexura for Cello and MANO.

Coming up in late 2015: Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, México (October); Festival Punto de Encuentro, Spain (November).
New Software: [notes] external for music notation and Lilypond encoding in Pure Data has been released. Also, new externals for Raspberry Pi’s GPIO through Wiring Pi.
Also check out the NYU Waverly Labs for Computing and Music
Research interests: Musical Instruments, Aesthetics and language of computer/electroacoustic music, live computer music performance practice, musical instruments, ecological/embodied perception, sonification, gesture, video tracking.

Areas de Investigación: Estética de la música electroacústica y por computadora, prácticas de ejecución en vivo de música por computadora, instrumentos musicales, percepción ecológica/incorpórea, sonificación, gesto, seguimiento con video.