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PdCon16~ We’re organizing the 5th International Pure Data Convention in NYC on November 16-20th. Check out the calls for works

My new work flexura for Cello and MANO was recorded and released by cellist Michael Nicolas with the Sonoluminus Label. It is really a fantastic performance!

New Software: [notes] external for music notation and Lilypond encoding in Pure Data has been released. Also, new externals for Raspberry Pi’s GPIO through Wiring Pi.

Research interests: Musical Instruments, Contemporary Latin American Music in a global context, archaeomusic, algorithmic composition and notation, live computer music performance practice, musical instruments, ecological/embodied perception, sonification, gesture, video tracking.

Areas de Investigación: Instrumentos Musicales, Musica Contemporánea de Latino America en el Contexto Global, Arqueomúsica, Composición y Notación Algorítmicas, prácticas de ejecución en vivo de música por computadora, instrumentos musicales, percepción ecológica/incorpórea, sonificación, gesto, seguimiento con video.

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