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A recording and documentation for grid1 is out here.

New Patches for Alvarez’ Shekere and Nono’s Con Luigi Dallapicolla.

We’re creating the new NYU Waverly Labs for Computing and Music

Joined the Department of Music in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at New York University NYU as Assistant Professor in Composition || Me uni al Departamento de Música de la Facultad de Artes y Ciencias de la Universidad de Nueva York, NYU, como profesor de composición.

PAPER on re-spatializing Varèse’s Déserts’ Interpolations was recently published in Perspectives of New Music. If  you like this check: ”Archaeology“.

Code can have many incarnations, check out new devices inspired on the silent drum





Research interests: Musical Instruments, Aesthetics and language of computer/electroacoustic music, live computer music performance practice, musical instruments, ecological/embodied perception, sonification, gesture, video tracking.

Areas de Investigación: Estética de la música electroacústica y por computadora, prácticas de ejecución en vivo de música por computadora, instrumentos musicales, percepción ecológica/incorpórea, sonificación, gesto, seguimiento con video.