Concepts of Instrument in Electronic and Computer Music (Columbia, Spring 2013)

CourseNo: MUSIW4626_001_2013_1
Meeting Location: PRENTIS HALL 320
Meeting Time: T 11:10A-01:00P

Basic InformationBibliographySnd and Src Files

Week 0 : Margaret Kartomi, “Concepts of Instrument”

Week 1 : Theremin and early beliefs about the future of electric music.

Week 2 : The Instruments of “Tape”: The idea of Pseudoinstrument in Schaefferian Thought and Stockhausen’s Principle of Unity in Elektronische Musik

Week 3 : Bell Labs, Music V & GROOVE and the early dichotomy between fixed and live computer music.

Week 4 : Design paradigms: Early Mumma and the Cooperative Studio, SFTMC, RCA-MARK II, Moog & Buchla.

Week 5 : Circuits as Instrument and Score: from Cage to Tudor and Mumma. Martirano and the Sal Mar Construction.

Week 6 : Jeff Snyder visits.

Week 7 : The DX7, Robert Rowe’s Interactive Systems paradigms and classifications, the MIDI protocol: causes and effects, STEIM & Michel Waisvisz’s The Hands.

Spring Break

Week 8 : IRCAM, Max/MSP, Manoury’s Jupiter for flute and electronics.

Week 9 : Video Tracking Techniques and Problems + design principles in the MANO Controller.

Week 10 : Basic Architectural Design, Silent Drum and Seasons Patches.

Week 11 : Final Presentations

Week 12 : Final Presentations


Media IssuesLatency, Mapping, Code Exchange, Models of InstrumentModels of MusicControl, Automation: What the instrument does…, Timbre

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