Computer Music Techniques: DSP (NYU, Fall-2013)


Weekly Patches:

Week 1 sep-03-13 Sine waves and digital audio.

Week 2 sep-10-13 Arrays, wavetable oscillators and samples.

Week 3 sep-17-13 Abstractions and amplitude modulation (AM).

Review patches to go over some basics we might have ran over.

Week 4 sep-24-13 More Abstractions, simple generative, and simple granularity.

Week 5 oct-08-13 Frequency Modulation and Waveshaping

Week 6 oct-11-13 Inputs and outputs from and to Pd

Week 7 oct-18-13 Filters

Week 8 oct-29-13 Delays, Pitch Shifting, and Reverb.

Week 9 nov-5-13 FFT + exercises in stealing.

Week 10 nov-12-13 Just exercises showing the Synth Model of building a patch.

Week 11 nov-19-13 Spatialization

Week 12 nov-26-13 Just exercises showing the IRCAM Model of building a patch.

Week 13 dec-3-13 GEM

Week 14 dec-10-13 Jaime O. Work

Links to: 

Pd, Puckette’s book, Pd Lists, Loadbang book.

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