Silent Construction 1

(2008-9) for Silent Drum | para Tambor Silencioso
Performer / Compos(er/itor): Jaime E Oliver LR

First Prize in the Electronic Sonority category at FILE PRIX LUX in Sao Paulo, Brasil Aug-2010

Note: The following piece has substantial low frequency content, therefore decent speakers or headphones will give you a better sonic image. Esta obra tiene muchas frecuencias bajas, buenos parlantes/bocinas o audífonos permitirán escucharlas.

Developed with the support of 

Samples from Matt Jenkins and Thanks to Diego Oliver for his work on cameras and lighting.


  • Hypersonica Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2010
  • FILE PRIX LUX, FIESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2010
  • Thingamajigs Festival, Oakland, CA. 2009
  • ICMC – International Computer Music Conference, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 2009
  • SIGGraph09 – Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques, New Orleans, LA. 2009
  • Pure Data Convention, CESC, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 2009
  • M+T: Music + Technology Conference, University of California, San Diego, 2009

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