by me | por mi:

Oliver La Rosa, Jaime. “Imaginary Instruments as Musical Compositions: Schaeffer and transformations of Instrumentality in Acousmatic Music.” Submitted to Perspectives of New Music Journal.

Oliver La Rosa, Jaime. “Theremin in the Press: Instrument Remediation and Code-Instrument Transduction.” Organised Sound 23.3 (December 2018).

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Oliver La Rosa, Jaime E. “Theremin in the Press: Construing Electrical Music”. Presented at the Electroacoustic Music Studies (EMS) Network Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012.

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Oliver, J. “Puede la Computadora ser un Instrumento Musical” El Grito, Volúmen 2, Lima, Peru, 2010. ……………………………………………….……….…..

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Oliver, J. and Jenkins, M. “The Silent Drum Controller: A New Percussive Gestural Interface” Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, Belfast, UK, 2008.

by others about my work | de otros sobre mi trabajo:

Miyama C., “Pure Data for Artists” Works Corporation, Japan, 2013.


Brent, W. “Perceived Control and Mimesis in Digital Musical Instrument Performance” eContact! 14.2 — Biotechnological Performance Practice. Montréal: Canadian Electroacoustic Community. July, 2012

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Referenced in:

  • Pennycook B., “The impact of new media on musical creativity,” Digital Media: Technological and Social Challenges of the Interactive World, p. 187, 2011.

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