flexura (2015)

Duo for Cello and MANO, 2015.
Michael Nicolas, Cello; Jaime Oliver La Rosa, MANO.

Commissioned by Michael Nicolas and released in his Sono Luminus debut album Transitions:

Here is a youtube video with the sono luminus recording

Below is a video version, but the Sono Luminous recording is astounding, I cannot recommend it more:

For more information visit the MANO Controller and the [notes] software for computer assisted notation.
Download the program notes in .pdf
Download the score in .pdf
Download the performance patch for flexura/MANO here.

+ Constellation, OPEN ICE series, Chicago, February 2015.
+ Skirball Center, Washington Square Contemporary Music Society, New York, February 2015.
+ Dartmouth University, EyeWash Series, New Hampshire, April 2015.
+ Miller Theatre, Pop-Up Concert Series: Michael Nicolas, New York, May 2016.

3 minute demo:

These videos were recorded at the NYU Waverly Labs for Music and Computing with Federico Cámara Halac.



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