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by Jaime Oliver:

Silent Construction 1 (2008-9) for Silent Drum | para Tambor Silencioso.



Flotante (2007-8) for percussion, gestural video tracking and live electronics. | para percusión, seguimiento de gestos con video y electrónica en vivo.


3 Environments – for Silent Drum – Jaime Oliver (2010) Download the patch



By Other Composers:

1. for Silent Drum, Saxophone(s) and Guitar(s) from the Silent Trios Project organized and curated by Qubit.

Silent Screen – Aaron Einbond(2011)

Zero Morphism – Alec Hall (2009/11)

Syncro-vox and Other Cheap Animation Techniques – Bryan Jacobs (2011)

Dirty, noisy, polluted – Paul Clift (2011)


Performed in 2011, with Kobe Van Cauwenberghe and Elliot Gattegno at EXAPNO, and in 2012 in Boston and Montreal.

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