Motivic material in L. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor Op. 67

The Fate Motif

1st. Movement 

1. 8 note motif







2. 6 note reduction



3. 2 note reduction


4. 1 note reduction









2nd. Movement 

1. Theme B





3rd. Movement 

1. Theme b










4th. Movement 

1. Theme 2







2. Development Section



3. Further Developments
















Questions and ideas for thought:

1. How does the fate motif work in the larger narrative of the piece? (Compare for example the very beginning (in mvt 1) of the symphony to the very end (in mvt 4) | hint: does any theme win? any tonality?)

2. Also, think about how the fate motif is used as a basic building block to construct themes throughout the whole symphony…

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