Music Humanities


Middle Ages

Sep. 17 Middle Ages


Sep. 19 Josquin: Ave Maria


Sep. 26 Monteverdi: Zefiro Torna Madrigal

Sep. 26 Monteverdi: L’Orfeo

Oct. 1 Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

Oct. 1 Bach: Fugues

Oct. 3 Bach: McClary, Brandenburg Concertos, Cantatas


* You can find all classical period files in the following links: haydn, moz-variations, moz-40th-sym, 5th-sym, 9th-sym, sonata8. *.aup files open with Audacity.

Oct. 8 Classicism

Oct. 8 Multi-Movement Genres, Rondo and Variation

Oct. 10  Sonata Form: Development vs. Variation

Oct. 15 Beethoven Symphony No. 5: Cells and Motifs

Oct. 17  Sonata Form: Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8


Oct. 22 Schubert: Erkling

Oct. 22 Schumann: Dichterliebe

Oct. 23 Berlioz Concert @ NYPhil

Oct. 24 Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique (link will be up soon!)

Oct. 31 Chopin: Prelude No. 4

Oct. 31 Wagner

Nov. 7 Quiz: covers all Beethoven and Romanticism…


Nov. 7 Schoenberg: Pierrot Lunaire

Nov. 12 Debussy: La Cathédrale Engloutie

Nov. 12 Debussy: La Mer

Nov. 14 Stravinsky: Le Scare du Printemps

American Experimentalism

Nov. 19 Henry Cowell

Nov. 19 John Cage

Nov. 21 Harry Partch

Nov. 26 Quiz No. 4 + Jazz Live Demo

Nov. 28 Jazz

Europe Post-War

Dec. 3 Boulez, Nono, Messiaen

Electronic and Computer Music

Dec. 5 Theremin

Dec. 5 Electronic Music

Dec. 5 Computer Music (+ Live Performance)


La Traviata, and Opera today. Opera Visit

Pop Music & Closing Thoughts

Some tentative subjects:

Profesional/Virtuosic vs. Amateurs : Musical Ecologies/Communities

Creepy vs. Happy :  Is all contemporary music creepy?

Biological vs. Cultural : How much of the way we listen to music is conditioned by biology and how much is cultural?

Context vs. Music : How much of the context is embedded in music?