Week 2

Dack, J., 2002: Instrument und Pseudoinstrument-Akusmatische Konzepte. Laaber-Verlag.

Eimert, H., 1957: What is Electronic Music? Die Reihe, 1, 1–10.


Studie Elektronische No.2 (1954)

You can find a realization here.

Stockhausen, K., 1953: Electronic Musical Composition No. 2. National Research Council of Canada.

Kontakte (1958-60)

Kontakte is made of 16 continuously playing Strukturs or structures.

Here is Struktur X, right in the middle of the piece:


Here is the transition from IX to X:


Some notes by Stockhausen about Kontake here.



Stockhausen, K., and Barkin, E., 1962: The Concept of Unity in Electronic Music. Perspectives of New Music, 1(1), 39–48.

Chion, M., 1995: Guide to Sound Objects: Pierre Schaeffer and Musical Research. Unpublished translation by John Dack and Christine North 1995. Unpublished.

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