Week 7: Interactive Systems, Waisvisz

Trevor Wishart makes an interesting critique of instruments form the perspective of tape music in Chapter 16 of his book:

Wishart, T., 1983: On Sonic Art. (Only Chapter 16!!!)

Get acquainted with Rowe’s player and instrument paradigms:

Rowe, R., 1993: Interactive music systems. MIT Press Cambridge, Mass.

An early critique of MIDI:

Moore, F., 1988: The dysfunctions of MIDI. Computer Music Journal, 19–28. 133


Get a sense of Waisvisz aesthetic and technical positions in the following papers:

Waisvisz, M., 1985: The hands, a set of remote midi-controllers. In Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, 313–318.

Krefeld, V., 1990: The Hand in the Web: An Interview with Michel Waisvisz. Computer Music Journal, Vol. 14, No. 2, New Performance Interfaces 2. (Summer, 1990), pp. 28-33.

Waisvisz, M., 1999: Riding the sphinx – lines about ‘live’. Contemporary Music Review, 18(3), 119–126.

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