Audiovisual Reference Material

CHAPTER 3 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Theremin playing the theremin

Clara Rockmore – The Swan – Saint Säens

CHAPTER 4 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Stockhausen – Studie Elektronische I (1953) – piece composed by superimposing sine waves:

Pierre Schaeffer – Etude aux Chemins de Fer (1948) – noise etudes produced with vinyls combining recordings of train sounds:

Pierre Schaeffer – Solfege of sound objects (1967) – Accessory to the Treatise on Sound Objects.

CHAPTER 5 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Bob Moog – brief presentation of the MiniMoog in the 1980s:

Wendy Carlos – Switched-On Bach – produced with Moog Synthesizer:

Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples of the Moon (1967) – made with the Buchla synthesizer:

Gordon Mumma – Hornpipe (the circuit starts responding at 4:42)

Martirano Playing the SalMar Construction:

SalMar Construction – Short video presentation:

Chapter 6 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

James Tenney: Dialogue (1963) . Using stochastic processes in MUSIC V

Jean Claude Risset Catalogue of Sounds in MUSIC V(1969):

FR Moore, Pixellations – realized in the GROOVE System:

CHAPTER 7 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Score Following Demo 1984, IRCAM:

Waisvisz’ The Hands:

Manoury Jupiter 3 Examples:

Lewis Voyager 2 Examples:

CHAPTER 8 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

CHAPTER 9 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

K. Stockhausen, Mantra (version of 2008):

CHAPTER 10 //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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